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    Eating Disorders. Body Image. Anxiety. Depression.

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    Healing on Hudson is a boutique therapy practice with expert clinicians for anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, and body image.


    Embarking on therapy can be a necessary but challenging process.

    Healing on Hudson makes it easy by offering in-person and tele-health services,

    and by providing a serene environment for healing with qualified professionals.


    Services include:

    Individual Psychotherapy

    Eating Disorder Treatment

    Eating Disorders in Athletes or Adolescents

    Treatment of Body Image Issues

    Professional Supervision and Community Education

    Cassandra Lenza Hoboken Jersey City Therapist Psychotherapy

    Individual Psychotherapy

    We offer in-person therapy in Hoboken and Manasquan & tele-health for residents of New York or New Jersey. After an initial evaluation, Healing on Hudson collaborates with clients by devising treatment plans using the most effective, well-researched, therapeutic interventions. Healing on Hudson uses a variety of treatments including CBT, DBT, and ACT, as well as talk therapy, to treat common concerns.


    We are highly trained and specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, body image issues and dysmorphia, trauma, anxiety and depression, but also offer psychotherapy for life transitions, stress, perfectionism and more.

    Cassandra Lenza Hoboken Jersey City Therapist Psychotherapy

    Eating Disorder Treatment

    Healing on Hudson is the only specialized practice for the treatment of eating disorders in Hudson County. Utilizing talk therapy and exposure therapy, along with evidence-supported treatments, this structured approach is designed to heal damaged relationships with food and body image. Clients walk away with the ability to eat foods they never thought they could eat, and develop healthier relationships with their bodies and their minds.


    This form of therapy is designed for adults, fitness professionals, athletes and youth ages 12 and up, who are struggling. We also engage family supports and communities to help recovery along.

    Professional Supervision

    Are you a private practice therapist looking for a mentor? Interested in providing eating disorder treatment to your clients but need an educator to teach you the treatments we use? Are you a new clinician who needs affordable supervision for licensure without breaking the bank?


    Healing on Hudson is dedicated to furthering the profession and offers supervision and professional education to social workers and counselors.

    Groups and Outreach

    We run groups that are top of mind for our clientele. Please reach out to learn about our latest group offerings.

    We also regularly present on topics such as eating disorder prevention, food, body image, and mental health. We believe in teaching youth and young adults, as early intervention is proven to be critical in preventing mental health issues and eating disorders. Contact us to obtain a quote for a workshop in your school or organization.

  • Cassandra Lenza, Therapist, Hoboken, Hudson County

    Dr. Cassandra Lenza, LCSW



    Please note: Cassandra is not accepting new patients at this time. We invite you to check out our other therapists below!

    At Healing on Hudson, we maintain that therapy must feel warm, engaging, and connective, but can even be humorous, optimistic, and enjoyable.


    I am an individual and family therapist with over fifteen years of experience. Formerly the Clinical Director of a leading eating disorder treatment center in Manhattan, I'm most known for being an "eating disorder expert," but I also specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, body image, and trauma.


    While I am a published author, international speaker, and educator, I am first and foremost, a therapist, dedicated to helping people navigate life's challenges. My therapeutic approach is to blend science with true connection. My clients often say that I am "structured yet unconditionally supportive".


    You will find that therapies conducted at Healing on Hudson actually work, and you will walk out of session with both practical tools and perspective. You will learn that change is possible and your goals are achievable. I've seen it happen so often. It's possible for you.


    I received my Doctorate of Social Welfare from New York University, my Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and my postgraduate certificate from the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia. My professional affiliations include NASW National Association of Social Workers and IAEDP International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

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    Emily Kuzmanoski, LPC, CCTP

    There is never a wrong, time, reason, or explanation to come see a therapist. I am ready to hear your stories of resilience and support you on this journey of self-exploration and growth!


    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). I received my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Montclair State University. I completed my clinical internship and worked at one of the leading eating disorder treatment centers in the country. In addition, I have experience in higher levels of mental healthcare providing individual, family, and group therapy to patients struggling with substance use, psychiatric, and co-occurring disorders. I specialize in treating adults and adolescents working through eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, trauma, and body image concerns.

    My therapeutic approach combines interventions in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I pride myself on being simultaneously direct and supportive, and up-to-date with evidenced-based practices.


    In our time together, we are a team—we have mutual power in our relationship. I am here to collaborate with you on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with, as well as to empower you on becoming the expert of your own life.

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    Frankki Sorce, LPC, NCC

    Like all areas in life, therapy is not one size fits all. It is important to me as a therapist to learn what feels best for you on your journey to healing and embrace that in our work together.


    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). I earned my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Fairleigh Dickinson University. I have experience working at a leading eating disorder treatment center where I have provided therapy for individuals, groups, and families in a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient setting. I have primarily worked with those struggling with eating disorders in addition to anxiety, depression, trauma, self- esteem issues, relational issues, and life adjustments.


    I provide a structured, supportive, and compassionate environment for clients as they explore areas for growth. I utilize relational therapy, CBT, and mindfulness as core treatment modalities. I feel fulfilled by guiding individuals to the increased self-awareness that is required for lasting life changes.

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    Samantha Renfree, LPC, NCC, CCTP

    As a therapist, I employ a foundation that believes people are innately resilient and capable of growth when given the appropriate tools.


    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC), as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I earned my Masters of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Monmouth University. I have experience in the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of healthcare. My primary experience has been with adults and adolescents who are working through eating disorders, depression, trauma, anxiety, life transitions and substance abuse.


    Operating out of a holistic view, I aim to find and implement evidence-based approaches that complement each individual’s needs, attending to the factors that influence where they are now and how they have come to be. My therapeutic approach is built on a humanistic foundation which incorporates components of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I view healing as a journey rather than a goal, and strive to meet people where they are, walking beside them as they learn to lean into discomfort and build new experiences.

  • Fees and Insurance

    Healing on Hudson offers assistance in seeking insurance reimbursement that is as easy as 1-2-3.


    Receive your invoice


    Healing on Hudson works as an "out of network" provider and will provide you monthly invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


    Ask your insurance about your "out-of-network mental health benefits" by calling the member number on the back of your card.


    Submit to insurance


    Make sure you are properly submitting your invoices. This means you may need to email, fax, or yes, even snail-mail your invoices to the appropriate department.


    Submit your claims to your insurance and expect funds to be reimbursed within 6-8 weeks.


    No benefits?


    Healing on Hudson is a sliding-scale practice and can reduce fees, dependent on true financial need. All clients must begin with an initial assessment which is 1-hour and $300, where session fees will be further discussed.


    Healing on Hudson is also committed to providing you with other quality referrals if it is not the right financial fit for you.

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    Located in vibrant Downtown Hoboken, we're conveniently situated from the PATH, Ferry, and Bus.

    Healing on Hudson 129 Washington Street, #101LL, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
    Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM
    (973) 264-9423
  • Contact our Manasquan office

    Steps from the beach, the Manasquan location offers parking, and is accessible by train & car.

    Healing on Hudson
    200 Atlantic Ave Suite Q Manasquan, 08736
    Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM
    (973) 264-9423
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